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As a computer scientist with a degree in business administration, I can manage all aspects of a software project.

  • User Experience

    Functionality and a seamless workflow are key perceptions for a positive user experience.

  • Interactivity

    Accessible and engaging design concepts lead to an interactive and entertaining experience.

  • Visual Design

    A modern, elegant and creative visual design is of highest priority for any software product.

  • Code Architecture

    Modular software development allows to easily modify, update and expand the final project.

  • Call-to-Action

    An appealing layout ensures conversion from users to clients, customers and subscribers.

  • Branding

    Consistent communication of corparate elements to make your brand the utmost memorable.

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Client Testimonial

"The website looks amazing and already brought some new clients to my business. Very professional and reliable work." (Ashkan Yousefi Darani,